Attention Economic Developers - You Need To Get On Twitter Now

August 10, 2016 |   3 minute read

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Attention Economic Developers - You Need To Get On Twitter Now

Reasons All Economic Developers Should Be On Twitter at Economic Development Conferences:

If you’ve met me before, I can hear you screaming:  “WHAT? A whole group of people should start using one channel?” That can’t be true as a blanket statement! But check it out:

  1. During-Conference: Twitter at an Economic Development Conference is your #1 ally to meaningfully connect with and learn from your network. Read this post and go from Twitter Newbie to Twitter Rockstar in minutes!
  2. Post-Conference: Twitter is the best way for Economic Developers to quickly connect with key audiences. Read this post and take your Twitter awesomeness to the next level with an understanding of the ROI economic developers get from Twitter.
  3. Next Year's Conference: You can use Twitter to research what you missed at past events and make sure you don't miss out on the perks of future conferences. Search these hashtags to find out what happened at #OEMC2016 and #OEMC2017. Then, follow @TangibleWords  so you're ready for the 2018 event.

Still not convinced? You should read: Objections Economic Developers Will Have To Using Twitter.
If you’re still wondering, “What the $%#^ Is a Hashtag?”, don’t worry. It’s easy to use Twitter to attract business attention online. Here are some tips to get people to notice you on Twitter. Check out Meru Cabs online strategy – it got them noticed!
You can also use Twitter at conferences to grow your network, even if you think you don’t have time. Here are 6 ways to use Twitter post conference.
Use your content strategy to make your Twitter content worth a retweet. And, be sure to complete the most powerful Twitter task you can do today for your business.

Discover How Other Economic Developers Are Using Twitter & Decide If Twitter Is Right For You. 

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3 Essential Things You’ll Learn from this Free E-book:

  • How to use Twitter to build more meaningful relationships and grow your network.
  • Ways Twitter will help you with your BR+E Goals.
  • Why Twitter is ideal for Investor Attraction.  

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