WordPress Editorial Calendar Plug-in Makes Life Easier for Business

February 27, 2014 |   2 minute read

Content Creation , Blogging for Business

In case you missed it, you might find the 7 Articles from the Blogging Series very helpful to your Business Blog.

3 Reasons Why the WordPress Editorial Calendar Plug-in Makes Life Easier for Small Business

  1. Planning your content is key to a successful business blog. This WordPress Editorial Calendar makes it easy to plan future posts, get you organized and keeps your business blog active.
  2. You can create Draft posts so you know what topic you are writing about next. It can be seen on a monthly calendar so you can see what future posts need to be created.
  3. Post parking lot: editorial calendar is no longer an "extra". As soon as you have the post idea instead of typing an email ("your pitch") and sending it to yourself or your collaborator --you jot your ideas into the calendar for a future date (ie parking lot--rather than getting stuck in realm of indecision you are able to keep your calendar rolling for infinity.)

= an essential plugin for not just multiple writers but also for a one man team--you won't let your blog calendar go stale.

But don't forget, all your business blog posts should be written in accordance with a strategy and content plan rather than just willy nilly (what's on your mind).

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