The Growth of a Business Blog

July 31, 2014 |   1 minute read

Content Creation , Blogging for Business

Do you ever wonder how many business blog articles you have actually written? Do you remember when you first started?
There are times when you sit down to write a relevant, unique, interesting business blog article and find it hard to find inspiration on that day. Today is that day for me (Yes, even a website copywriter can feel that way!) with the sun shining and the lake sparkling, all I want to do is go dive in for a swim.
So I decided to get inspiration by look back at where we started and honestly couldn't believe my eyes to see that we started our Tangible Words Business blog in 2009.

So the question is: Are the Business Blog articles still relevant today?

Well I have collected a few below and ask you, our audience and the people who matter the most - what do you think? In 2014, do you find these articles easy to read, helpful, and relevant to your business?

Help us with our next milestone - hitting 300 business blog articles - what topics do you want to see?

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