The Growth of a Business Blog

July 31, 2014 |   3 minute read


The Growth of a Business Blog

Do you ever wonder how many business blog articles you have actually written? Do you remember when you first started?

When you're blogging for business, there are times when you sit down to write a relevant, unique, interesting business blog article and find it hard to find inspiration on that day. Today is that day for me (Yes, even a website copywriter can feel that way!); with the sun shining and the lake sparkling, all I want to do is go dive in for a swim.

So, I decided to get inspiration by looking back at where we started. I honestly couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that we started our Tangible Words Business blog in 2009. Have you been blogging for a long time, too?

Sometimes, the content is outdated, but sometimes, you've shared fundamental knowledge of your business that hasn't and won't change much. You can reuse that content with a bit of a freshen-up with new knowledge and tech to help you (this one was originally done in 2014; we're looking back at what's good that we can share again to help clients write their own blogs for business). Regardless of whether or not you're reusing content or writing fresh words, you need to make sure you know who you're writing for. If your business has changed, you must reconsider what you're offering and how you're getting the message out.

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Are Your  Business Blogs Still Relevant?

Here are a few blogs that have stood the test of time for us. Over the years, our business focus expanded to include helping with your sales processes, being your HubSpot specialists, and combining content writing expertise with cutting-edge HubSpot website design.

I bet you've got content you can reuse as well. Maybe your business has evolved over the years, too. Blogging for business is still relevant and needs the human touch. AI can provide help to get you past writer's block or help you write in a tone that fits the multitude of new platforms you can use to help market your business. It's the human experience and the unique offerings that set you apart from your competition. Get that in writing and share it where your ideal customers are looking.

We have numerous blogs aimed to help you increase your sales, streamline your processes and create a seamless process so you can make more money with less effort and ease your staff's stress loads too. Check more helpful blogs out here.


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