Get The Best Value From Your Economic Development Website Budget

January 11, 2017 |   4 minute read

Get The Best Value From Your Economic Development Website Budget

You know you need to create or renew your economic development website, but do you really know how much it’s going to cost and what your money is buying?
Design is the final stage of your website plan, not the start. Only budgeting for design will leave your users wanting more if your content does not give them a positive experience on your site. It is important to identify what content needs to be included on your site and how to make it easy for users complete the process whether it’s to set up a meeting, sign up for your newsletter or download a whitepaper. If your content is not properly planned, a state of the art (and expensive) website still won’t garner the results you’re looking for like attracting investors.

3 Things Everyone Forgets To Include In Their Economic Development Website Budget (But Make The Most Impact)

  1. Planning user friendly layout and helpful content. We call it Information Architecture (IA). IA is the blueprint for your website from the layout of the homepage to the content of the main pages and the addition of user friendly functions like event calendars and social updates. The IA process helps you define your target audience and what they’re looking for so you can follow a strategic design that helps users find information easily to make informed decisions and act on them.
  2. Identifying the information your prospects need to complete the buying cycle. A website is only as good as its content. If “visit our website” is a stock phrase you use without thinking about where you’re directing people on your site, you can be frustrating potential investors and turning them off your organization. Creating a Communications Plan and Content Strategy (CPCS) helps you determine beforehand what information you’ll need to ensure prospects can complete their buying cycle and have it available when they want it.
  3. Writing content that speaks truthfully to your businesses. Vague language intended to appeal to a broad audience is not best the way to sell your business. Why waste time trying to attract businesses you know don’t want or need your services? Target those who are looking for you and give them want they want. Your website is your online shop front and you want it to reflect a true representation of what your region has to offer and how you can solve investor problems. SEO copywriting means the language is tailored to showcase your individual region plus help prospects find you online.

If you budget $10K, above your design and development costs, to address these three steps when creating your website you’ll see a better overall return on your website investment.

Get Access To Excellent Content To Help Manage Your Economic Development Website Long Term

Once your content is defined you can start the design and development phase with your website developer. But, keep in mind that your website will be more effective with regular new content. Not only does this give your loyal users new information, it enhances your online reputation and attracts the right investors. (Search engines evaluate new content to determine where your business ranks on search hierarchy.)
To avoid your content becoming stagnant and disorganized (again) you can invest in an Unlimited Content Partnership. An unlimited content partnership means you’ll have access to regular content like blog posts and social media campaigns, plus promotional materials and sales tools written by professional copywriters. You choose what content you need and when you need it so the work gets done to generate you more leads for long term business growth.

Not sure if you can afford to invest this much money in website content? Contact Alysha to discuss what you want from your website and how Tangible Words can help you get it.

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