Your Job Demands Screen Time - Look After Your Eyes

May 31, 2016 |   2 minute read

Your Job Demands Screen Time - Look After Your Eyes

Your job demands screen time - You maybe haven’t thought too much about how to protect your eyes when you can’t get a break from your computer screen. I didn’t either until I was told I had to wear glasses for work (something I didn’t think I’d face for quite a few more years!).
If you’re spending your days on the computer screen reading documents, writing blogs, editing text, filing reports and checking social media (at break time of course) the constant screen time can affect your eyes.  Take these simple steps to protect your eyes and avoid needing glasses too soon.

Your Job Demands Screen Time - Manage What You Read

When you’re constantly reading on a screen, like copywriters, your eyes need extra care. Tangible Words Copywriters for example might rework their draft document up to 10 times before it’s the best version to present to the client. Anyone whose job demands screen time can change the appearance of what’s on the screen to protect their eyes.

How Copywriters Save Their Eyes Even With Lots Of Screen Time

A large part of the copywriting process is document collaboration. So edits and suggestions are noted through highlighting, comments and tracked changes. As writers work through the edits their eyes can get stressed, so we:

  • Eliminate highlights right away. If you have a system for edits that involves different highlighted colours make note of the relevant changes and get rid of it before you continue to work.
  • Turn your track changes preferences to mono-colours like black or grey. It’s easier to read than brightly coloured fonts.
  • Use another form of notification like underlining to reinforce changes. Consistent practices for document editing can make for a simpler format that doesn’t rely on harsh highlighting and multiple font colours.

Take a minute to look away from the screen too. Not only will your eyes get a break, your brain can reset and be fresh to finish the job.

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