Boost Your Economic Development Inbound Marketing

December 14, 2016 |   4 minute read


Boost Your Economic Development Inbound Marketing

There's always so much to do to market your economic development region. Get started using some inbound marketing content ideas that will help attract investors to your region.

To create an effective inbound marketing plan, start with knowing your target audience. The people you're trying to attract have characteristics you can identify and work with to ensure you're offering the content they want in a place where they'll find it.  Your target audience can be made up of multiple personas; each persona needs or wants different things from your business. Tailor your content around each persona. To do this, create blogs, social posts, videos and long-form helpful documents for each persona. Use language that resonates with the individual persona and add your industry keywords. 

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How Will You Prepare for Your  Economic Development Inbound Marketing Plan

To help you, we have gathered some popular Tangible Words content and inbound marketing articles to help you attract the right businesses and investors to your economic development region.

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It might feel daunting to try to keep up with the changes in digital marketing and stay competitive with other regions vying for the same investors. However, your strength lies in what your community has to offer. Clearly defining exactly what you have to offer investors and sharing it in the right place at the right time will put you ahead of other communities. It's easier to do this with software like HubSpot that helps you create, manage, and track your online content. When you know who's seeing your content and how engaged they are, you can prioritize focusing on interested investors over casual viewers. 

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