Boost Your 2017 Economic Development Inbound Marketing

December 14, 2016 |   3 minute read


Boost Your 2017 Economic Development Inbound Marketing

There's always so much to do to market your economic development region.

How are you going to prepare for your 2017 economic development inbound marketing?

To help you we have gathered the most popular Tangible Words 2016 content and inbound marketing articles to help you attract the right businesses and right investors to your economic development region.

  1. How to Attract Investors To Your Canadian Economic Region
  2. SEO Tips To Help You Attract The Right Investors
  3. How To Build An Economic Development Website That Attracts Investors
  4. Stay Organized With A Free Inbound Marketing Checklist
  5. 5 Reasons Why Your New Website Fails To Attract Investors and Increase Sales
  6. Increase Your Online Sales and Grow Your Business in 2017
  7. Attention Economic Developers – You Need To Get On Twitter Now!
  8. Reasons Why Economic Developers Hesitate With Twitter
  9. Here’s How To Grow Your Network Using Twitter at Conferences

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