What Is The Future Of Websites?

May 10, 2016 |   2 minute read

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When your website combines compelling content with a strategic social media plan and your unique selling proposition it’s your best chance for potential customers to email or call you. But the question is, what is the future of websites?
My cousin Deb recently asked me “What’s after websites?” A question I then posed to attendees of my A.D Latornell Symposium workshop—a mix of communications professionals, environmentalists, educators and municipal leaders. No one really had an answer. But we all had a vested interest, whether we’d be delivering the message or receiving it.

“But there is a trend towards scaling back the information you provide on your website. If you’re not giving it all away online you can focus on the customers who’re serious about your business (not the window shoppers).”

They’re the ones who will make the effort to get in touch to find out more. So how do you know what to say and what to leave out?

Content Still King As Websites Evolve

Content is still key to reaching your target audience. It’s important that content doesn’t overwhelm your users rather builds relationships. Well thought out content will swing the pendulum in your favour regardless of how it’s delivered.
Fewer words means copywriting is even more essential for you to successfully reel in your target audience. It’s not easy to get an idea across in a 5 words or less headline and keep your sentences and paragraphs short and concise. It takes trained copywriters a few tries to get it right and we’ve got skin thick enough to survive brutal editing. How about you?
Objectivity and seeing your services through the eyes of another is often the best way to make your message clear. That said, you still need the contributions of your peers so talk about your website with your staff and take the time to plan your content.
Now back to the future.

Hmmmm what might the future of websites and the future of online sales look like…

3D cameras, virtual meetings and customer service holograms popping out from a website—or your watch—to serve you “personally”. Will the traditional meet and greet with free booze and food in the hospitality suite be replaced by virtual meetings via Google Hangouts?  It’ll be planned virtual spontaneity! I’ll be hanging around online, you can connect, and we’ll chat.
I guess. But wait isn’t the great part of sales the social (human) connections and the freebies? As versatile as it is Google Hangouts can’t replicate that. Unless, you could 3D print your drink while schmoozing via webcam. Interesting concept, or just one step closer to the Wall-E blobby people…
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