5 Reasons Why Inbound Marketing Works

January 10, 2017 |   2 minute read

Inbound Marketing


Inbound marketing enables your business to listen to what your customers want versus telling them what they want. It is about developing that trustworthy connection and make leads into sales. So why does inbound marketing work this well?

5 Reasons Why Inbound Marketing Works

  1. Inbound marketing has given us that relationship that our customers have wanted all along. Customers want to feel valued, so finding a way into their hearts helps to keep these customers coming back. On the other hand, it also helps us get a further in depth idea of who exactly is our target market
  2. It comes easy. Content, content, content. It's not always about selling, it's all about producing things people want to see. 71% of customers are more likely to purchase something and become a valued customers because they follow the brand on social media. Although inbound marketing takes time and effort the idea of simply making things more personal instead of coming up with the next sales pitch is shown to be a lot easier and often more effective.
  3. It's cost effective. Although there are costs with getting things set up such as websites, and social media, the long term results are what makes inbound marketing most intriguing. Inbound marketing costs 61% less than outbound marketing for businesses. 
  4. People are avoiding outbound marketing costs. Nowadays anyone under 40 years old constantly try to find new ways to avoid businesses’ outbound marketing strategies. People are doing whatever they can to get away from this aggressive and intruding way of marketing. For example 85% of these people in this age bracket click off websites if there is extensive advertising present. 
  5. It’s so natural people don't even know they’re being marketed too. Inbound marketing is all about sharing experiences, producing content people will want to see and building a relationship. 61% of people feel better about brands that give them that custom, personalized content and are more likely to make purchases. People like the idea of choosing what they want without having someone forcing something down their throat at every turn. 

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