Should You Hire a VP of Marketing or an Inbound Marketing Agency?

August 21, 2018 |   4 minute read

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You might be considering what the future role of marketing will look like in your company. It could require an investment internally or externally, but you have to determine which will provide the best return. Consider the benefits of each option.

Hire a VP of Marketing

A marketing VP is an expert at executing strategies, big picture projects, and corporate objectives. They monitor the sales teams and facilitate a results-based culture. They will focus on aiding the sales team, monitoring processes, and guiding sales targets to meet overall corporate objectives.

Make no mistake, this role is critical to your organization’s ongoing success and you will at some point in time need an executive who holds your brand’s strategy in hand to achieve your long term strategic objectives.

But if you need to make a change to support your sales team right now, and you only have budget for one role, hiring a VP of Marketing may not be your best option.

And it won’t be the fault of the VP you hire. This roles’s macro level of focus does not leave time for creating engaging email content, devising enticing blogs to bring traffic to your website with social media, nor mastering the power of software tools you need to stay relevant and competitive, such as Hubspot Marketing Software.

You can hire the best of the best, but if you need to increase your sales now, and are limited by budget, hiring the best VP of Marketing is not a quick way to fix the problem you are trying to solve, and will only frustrate your (and their) efforts. It takes time for any new employee to ramp up and learn the company, culture, and software. Sure, they can be trained in new software and processes, but that will take away from the core responsibilities of their role. So what is your other option then?

Hire an Inbound Marketing Agency (Six Professionals for the Price of One VP of Marketing)

Should-you-hire-an-Inbound-Marketing-Agency-300x200Hiring an inbound marketing agency like Tangible Words gives you a team of six experts - for the same price of that one VP.  You get the power of a whole team to address your immediate sales and marketing objectives. It’s the best way to ramp up support for your sales team so they can work more efficiently and effectively to close more sales deals, sooner.

Unlike a new hire, an inbound marketing agency uses proven ramp-up on-boarding processes, trialed and tested, to learn about your organization. Beyond company and culture, the software requires no additional training runway to get up to speed, because an inbound marketing agency knows HubSpot back-to-front. In total, an agency will be up and running, fully onboarded in a fraction of the time that it would take an employee to do the same.

An inbound marketing agency can report directly to your sales leader so that every inbound effort is closely tied to the revenue goals your company has. Hiring an inbound marketing agency is the golden solution to getting above the $1-3 million per annum revenue threshold most companies at that life cycle stage face.  

A team of six professionals can:

  • Manage -  content planning, editorial calendars, and delegation of writing tasks.

  • Leverage email series automation - set up, planning, strategy for email creation, plus integration with existing workflows causing zero interruption.

  • Lead score - a streamlined approach to ensure collection of quality leads and nurturing for your sales team.

  • Provide Hubspot inbound marketing software management and support so you can focus on closing the sale.

One other major return on investment with using an inbound marketing agency is the legion of happy customers you will have who will speak well of your company and generate leads organically. When your customers are happy and like working with you - they are going to tell other people. And you’ll have the infrastructure in place to quickly reach back and hold their hands all the way to the onboarding stage.

Get Results Like Area 9 Learning

Discover the success seen by one of our clients - Area 9 Learning. After just 30 Area9-Perfromance-Graph-No-Numbers-1-300x241days Tangible Words helped them see:

  • Social media monthly clicks and interactions increase by 230%

  • 29% increase in website traffic

  • Helped close a total of $600,000 of added business after 5 months

With an award winning inbound marketing agency like Tangible Words, client success is top priority: it’s why we are in business. You will have experts in place when you outsource to an agency like ours. A devoted six person team can bring measurable success to your company: something to think about when considering whether to hire one employee or a team of six.

Tangible Words even provides support and training for your sales team.

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