Who Will I Work With?

March 06, 2017 |   1 minute read


Who Will I Work With?

Q: I see you have a team of project leads, content writers, copyeditors and website developers, do I get to choose who works on my project?

A: The great thing about our team is that we’ve hand picked and trained them all. Our talent is like a franchise, you’ll get the same A+ experience no matter who you work with.
We also decide who and how many people are on your project or content development team based on your timelines and your industry - as well as our team’s particular knowledge and experience.

Q: What if I only want you - “the person I met” - to work on my project?

A: If it’s experts you want, we’ve got them. Every Tangible Words team member is an expert. Our team uses our proprietary process on each project, logged in our Project Management tool; this allows our experts to fill in for each other so deadlines are always met.

Critical thinking and a commitment to lifelong learning are essential to work at Tangible Words. Our writers have University degrees from schools we trust; team members also have additional degrees from Colleges, and every team member undergoes our in-house Copywriting Course & Apprenticeship Program.

We do not use freelancers for projects - we use an experienced core group of writers who are trained for the job at hand before they start working on your file. They’ll be trained on who you are, your industry, your target audience, your unique sales proposition, your competitors, and your objectives. All of our team members are on the same level, and you always have one main contact for your work with us, who oversees the Tangible Words team members involved in your files.

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