All Great Email Marketing Uses This Formula

November 01, 2013 |   2 minute read

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All Great Email Marketing Uses This Formula

In our last article, we discussed what an Offer, Incentive, and Action are in Email Marketing. All great email marketing uses this formula: Offer + Incentive = Action. Does your email marketing follow this formula? If not, it's easy to get started. 

You might struggle to define a good business offer to attract new leads and nurture potential buyers. Here are some examples to get you thinking about how to formulate your offer, incentive and action:

  1. Kids eat free (offer): at Your Restaurant (action) Tuesday nights (incentive)
      • parents eat = profit
  2.  Free printer (offer) with purchase of computer (action)  by X date (incentive)
      • consumer buys cartridges, paper = profit
  3. 50% off ( offer) this week ( incentive) if you book a hotel room with Our Company ( action).
      • profit (room service, parking)

Creating effective calls to action means starting with knowing who your ideal customer is and how to reach and entice them to engage with your content.New Call-to-action

Now try it yourself. Brainstorm five potential offers and then finish them with an incentive and action. Add these offers to your website and track which ones generate the most attention and action. Maybe they'll work right off the bat or maybe you'll need to tweak them with feedback from your consumers. Nothing is guaranteed to work from the first try (but it might). Testing and reworking your calls to action (CTAs) is part of the inbound marketing process. Over time you'll be able to create reliable offers that add to your sales growth exponentially with less effort and time needed from your sales and marketing teams.
Here are other ways to turn visitors into customers.

How to Use Automation to Make Great Email Marketing a Simple Process

Juggling multiple great email marketing campaigns is doable if you know how to manage your content. Using HubSpot software, you can create and automate email marketing campaigns for different audiences. Automate your activities to lead buyers through their journey using an email workflow that offers them all the information they need (when they need it) to make an informed decision.
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