Mistakes we all make on email marketing ... should you continue to?

June 29, 2012 |   3 minute read

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Has this happened to you? I just received an email in my inbox. It came up on my iPhone with the headline and one sentence of topic. I could also see who it was from.
Here is what it looked like:
Company Name: XYZ Widget
Subject line: "50% off ..."
Email Description: Here's how to....(I stopped reading)
How much money do you think it cost them to send this email:
X cost of email delivery service and setting it up = $25/month, plus $50 to manage the list
X cost of uploading the content
X cost of writing the content - 5 hours
= WASTE OF MONEY. I never read it.
Unless it was going to a much more targetted list (which I was misplaced onto)-they aren't going to make ANY money on this -- in fact, they've only lost money, and lost a potential customer because they haven't encouraged me to start paying attention to them and their email marketing. In fact they've just told me that I don't need to pay attention to them!
A perfect example of using copywriting tactics without purpose. And yes, as small businesses, even I'm guilty of it sometimes. If I have to send an email without having done a plan of which emails I'm sending to X target audiences on a scheudle in advance, sometimes I might send a "LAZY" reactive email such as because I know a little bit about copywriting tricks (so do spammers by the way) but spammers don't know a lot about copywriting CONTENT. Messages matter as much as language and delivery. If you don't have an editorial calendar and you don't have a content strategy - you are WASTING money on online marketing. You'll never get it back because:
1) You don't have an email editorial calendar.
2) You loosely know you want to send an email at X rate of frequency, but you haven't planned what your going to SAY in each of those emails (Storyboarded: X target Market, X offer, X incentive, X action, X value for my target audience, = X response)
3) Your using my e-newsletter as a way to connect with my target audience and you feel guilty if you don't do it frequently enough so you react and impulsively send one without thinking about #2 and #1 critical factors.
So here's how I responded to this email:
There's this nice little feature on my iPhone that allows me to open up my email, select "Edit" quickly delete all of the emails which I know immediately that I don't want to or have to read.
Hence, I looked at XYZ Widget's email, promptly hit delete and actually rewarded myself for not encumbering myself more with useless information.
I'm working in my inbox. I don't want to buy anything right now. I run a mean, lean and profitable business - I am permanently in a state of "I dont have any money for you." So if you try to sell to me by an email with this kind of hard sell headline, I actually feel good about ignoring you. I don't keep garbage with my filing system.
How many customers do you think might feel the same way as I do or react the way I do? Do you react this way when you see an email?
Instead - how to use email marketing more effectively? Give them information that is focused on what their daily problems are.
Emails that talk to me about my immediate problems - I go to. I make time for. I watch webinars and read videos, and occassionaly, I buy from people who know me, and my challenges and who have credibility or authority that they know what my problems are--so I see spending money with them as an investment. (Not just because they termed it an investment!)
Are you burning bridges or forging relationships with your online communications?
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