We’re Giving Our Secrets Away: How to Get Quality Traffic

February 15, 2024 |   4 minute read

We’re Giving Our Secrets Away: How to Get Quality Traffic

Who needs to hide in the shadows? We want to help businesses grow! These are marketing strategies for small business that everyone can use to get leads who will actually convert. These are the steps that we do ourselves, that we recommend for our clients, and what we recommend for listeners of the Company Growth Podcast, so that you can get high-quality website traffic.

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How to Get Quality Traffic in 2024

Here are a few customer engagement strategies to bring more quality traffic to your site:

  • Write content for your target audience. We probably sound like a broken record with this one. Target audience, target audience, target audience. It’s what everyone talks about, but that’s why it’s so important that every time you or your team writes any piece of content (or even any time you ask ChatGPT or another AI  to write some content) that you keep the target audience in mind. 
  • Make sure your content has a fighting chance by using optimized keywords. The best, most converting content has no chance in the world if no one ever gets the chance to see it. Use Semrush to find the best keywords for your topic or, if you’re just starting out, using Google Trends will help you grasp the basics. 
  • Use social media and an email marketing strategy to reach out into the world and find your ideal audience. Social media can be difficult terrain to navigate in a corporate environment, but social media can also extend your client base online and help bring your target audience to your site. 



Necessary Online Sources for Generating Traffic

There are several ways that leads can find their way to your content. You want to make sure you are utilizing all of them, or as many as possible. If you’re ignoring one of these sources of organic marketing, follow the links to see how you could be getting more quality traffic and community engagement than you are now. 


This Podcast Spills the Tea on the Best Ways to Reach People Online

The guest on the latest episode of the Company Growth Podcast is a Tangible Words employee who shares her approach to building quality traffic sources and the best ways to accomplish this. 

Listen to this episode of our business podcast, generously sponsored by AnswerConnect, and start improving traffic quality on your site.

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