Ask These 7 Questions Before You Hire Content Creation Services

March 05, 2018 |   3 minute read


Ask These 7 Questions Before You Hire Content Creation Services

Content creation strategists can do anything from populate your social media accounts with clickable content to writing your website from scratch. But before you decide to enter a partnership for content creation services there are a few questions you need to ask to find the right fit.

Questions To Ask Content Creation Services Agencies

  1. What services do you offer? A good content creation strategist should be able to talk to you about inbound marketing and (re)building websites. social media strategy should be an important part of their business, as well as marketing training (are we geeking out on you? Follow the links to learn more about each term). And does the content creator service only offer off-the-shelf packages or do they customize services for each client?

  2. What do your other clients have to say about you? Take a look at the other organizations they’ve worked with and what they’ve produced in those partnerships to help illustrate what you can expect.

  3. How much time can you devote to my company? Find out what kind of time commitments they can make for you, not just how long a project will take but how often they’ll be in touch and how long you can expect to wait to hear from them.

  4. Who will be working on my project? Is it just one person, a trusted team, or do they delegate tasks out to random freelancers?

Questions To Ask Your Own Company

content creations services and social media marketingWhat are our expectations and goals? A good content strategist will want to know the answer to this so make sure you have yours ready. Do you want double your customers in the next year? Do you want to increase revenue, and if so by how much? Think about attainable goals for your business.  
  • How hands on do we want to be? Are you hiring content creation services because you and your team simply don’t have the time to do it yourselves? Or are you invested in the process? There is no right or wrong answer but it’s good to know beforehand what you want to get out of it.
  • Is this a one-time project or an ongoing partnership? Again, there is no wrong answer but whatever you answer you want to make the right choice. Take a look at what their past clients have to say. Do the content creation strategists provide marketing training or an inbound marketing strategy and a plan for building your in-house infrastructure? And are they interested in your success or making money? Do they provide software that lets you work with multiple providers if the relationship doesn't work out so that when your partnership is over you can continue your success?

Improve Your Bottom Line With The Right Content Creation Services

It’s hard to choose a service provider if you’re new to the marketplace and don’t know what questions to ask.

But make no mistake, the right inbound marketing agency and content creation team will want to benchmark your existing results and come up with a road map to reach the goals you need to achieve: ones which ultimately improve your bottom line.
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