Why Content Creation Services Improve Your Business?

May 18, 2018 |   4 minute read


Why Content Creation Services Improve Your Business?

Confused by the terms yet? … content creation services, inbound marketing, how to attract more people to your website. Have you ever wondered how it all comes together? What comes first? Website? Social Media? Email Campaigns?

The first step is always getting the right message out, and that comes from your content marketing strategy.  

Build Your Content Marketing Strategy

A content marketing strategy is about getting the right message to the right audience. Start with your target audience. First picture your ideal customer then develop a buyer persona for them.  Describe them with as much detail as possible. Where are they in life? What matters to them? What are they interested in? What challenges do they face? Once you have your ideal customer in mind, focus your message on how to meet their needs and solve their problems. Hiring online writing helps with identifying this key part of your content marketing strategy.

So many times we get caught up in the latest and greatest technologies, but we forget to go back to the original message. Some things to stop and consider with your current content:

  • Is it speaking to your customers?
  • Are you speaking to the right customers?
  • Does it have a clear Call-To-Action?
  • Is your website content increasing sales?
  • How is your inbound marketing strategy performing? (You need tracking metrics more than Google Analytics)
  • Are your website, email campaigns and social media sending the same message?

A successful content marketing strategy is vital to your business. Your online content is often the first introduction prospects have to your business.

Attract People to Your Website

inbound marketing agency and online writing helpNow that you know who your ideal customer is it’s all about helping them to find you. Find out where they hang out online and you will see how to get your message to them. By tapping into this vital information you can connect directly and discretely with your ideal customer.

And what’s even better is now that you know what they want, you have exactly what they are looking for. Make the initial contact more informal and personal and much less sales pitch and annoying.

Understanding Inbound Marketing

Establishing trust with your ideal customer is crucial. By providing them some valuable information at no cost or risk to them through a call to action, you have created that ever important first step in creating trust. Once they have agreed to exchange their contact information because they want your valuable information you can cultivate this potential customer. Use their activity to better develop a relationship which can turn into sales either now, if they are ready, or further down the road as you learn more about them and establish more trust. Inbound marketing provides a way to do this. And, inbound marketing software helps you:

  • keep in regular contact with your ideal customer
  • learn more and more about what they are most interested in
  • provide them an amazing customer experience.

Having a team of experts in content writing services and inbound marketing in your corner to guide you and show you how to learn from your potential customer base is an amazingly powerful tool.

What's the best thing about hiring Tangible Words for content creation services? Glad you asked! It's our proven process and a team of professional content writers we put on every job; they're trained in a specialized style of writing based on how people read and make purchasing decisions. Plus you get a project manager along with content creation services! We've helped increase sales by 340%, doubled revenue, created new income streams, won competitions and bids, plus secured page 1 Google rank for our clients.

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