The Values and Skills Behind Tangible Words’ Content Creation Services

June 06, 2018 |   2 minute read

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The Values and Skills Behind Tangible Words’ Content Creation Services

If you’re going to work with us, it’s natural for you to want to get to know who we are beyond the content creation services we provide. There are real people behind all the online writing help, online marketing and web design expertise we offer, after all!

We’ve assembled a core team of passionate and dedicated individuals who care about producing excellent results for our clients. But we also work with a broader team of copywriters to produce a steady flow of engaging content for customers.

Tangible Words' Content Creation Services Values and Skills

These are some of the values and skills we look for in the people that work for us:

  • Conscientiousness: Our colleagues hold themselves accountable for their work, and stay true to their commitments. We’ll see your project through from start to finish.
  • Diligence: We admire a thirst for knowledge and a readiness to learn new things, in addition to strict adherence to deadlines. We learn your business inside and out, and deliver results with quick turnaround.
  • Communication: Quick response times and frequent contact are important attributes in our teammates. We foster this attitude with our clients as well.
  • Competency: Our copywriters are masters of the English language and grand wizards of grammar (essential skills for great content creation services). Any work we do for our clients is triple-checked and scrutinized for accuracy.
  • Humour: At Tangible Words, we take fun and games very seriously. We work hard and play hard.

Collaborating with individuals that share these traits is important to our success as an inbound marketing agency. We do our utmost to live up to this standard of excellence in everything we do, especially content creation services, for every client we work with.


The Tangible Words Copywriter Training Process

And just so you know, we have multiple copywriters that we train in-house, first with a  40-hour Home Study, then a Training Apprenticeship that involves supervised writing of Tangible Words' content. All of this copywriting study and coaching happens before they're allowed to write for our clients.

And, before any of our writing team gets to write for our clients, they are trained on that client.

So we have an extensive QA process we follow.

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