6 Ways to Use Twitter Post Conference?

August 09, 2016 |   4 minute read


6 Ways to Use Twitter Post Conference?

Twitter Post Conference: The best way for Economic Developers to quickly connect with their key audiences. 

We covered using Twitter during an economic development conference and how to get noticed on Twitter.

Here’s 6 Ways You Should Be Using Twitter for Post Conference.

  1. Twitter for retention: Twitter is awesome for helping grow support for your local businesses. One great way to do this? Make a Twitter list of all the businesses in your region who are using Twitter. Interact with their posts, retweet their posts and show your support for their causes! (Read more about how to use Twitter to attract attention.)
  2. Twitter for business attraction: make a Twitter list of all the businesses who could help businesses in your area. You can make introductions by doing e-introductions (i.e. mentions of their Twitter names to each other on Twitter)
  3. Twitter for personal development: follow people who know more than you! I have a “professional development” Twitter list. I have added to this list accounts who reliably post things I want to learn more about, or that I want to RT to my followers.
  4. Twitter for investment: follow the Twitter accounts you’d like to attract to your region. By noticing them and engaging with them you’re creating another contact point. Don’t make it a hard sell obviously, just “like” them and give them some love and support for the things they care about.
  5. Twitter for competition: make a private list of all the accounts who compete with yours - watch their twitter feeds to find good things to emulate as part of your strategy. (You can also use these to find out what they aren’t saying so you can capitalize on opportunities they’ve missed!)
  6. Twitter for relationship development: anyone who follows you and whom you follow is someone you can do a “DM” with - that’s a private (direct message) on twitter. Its like a mini email without having to know more than just their Twitter name. It’s highly valuable for having deeper conversations. I don’t recommend you have automated DMs to welcome followers unless you have a Content Strategist working with you on setting it up: 5 years on Twitter and I have NEVER seen anyone set up automated DMs in a way that is super awesome (i.e. usually they come across as spammy).

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