The Best CRM? Check out Sales Hub Pricing HubSpot

July 21, 2022 |   4 minute read


The Best CRM? Check out Sales Hub Pricing HubSpot

Your CRM isn’t just a place where you keep your client data. Your CRM should be a safe and secure, easy to use tool that helps you close deals, manage your pipeline and ultimately deepen your relationships with your clients. 


We’ve taken a look at different sales software to find the best CRM to bring all of your tools and data together on one easy platform. Our findings? You’ll love the power in and find relief from HubSpot’s Sales Hub. Read on to discover features and Sales Hub pricing on HubSpot.

Sales Hub Pricing, HubSpot Features

HubSpot’s Sales Hub software has three editions users can explore: Starter, Professional, Enterprise. Here is the pricing model for each level, but as they change look at live pricing here on HubSpot’s Sales Pricing page. 







$50/month for 2 users

$500/month for 5 users

$1200/month for 10 users

Price per additional user

$25/month per additional user

$100/month per additional user

$120/month per additional user


Sales Hub has over 70 features — too many to list — but you can review them here and read on to find out some of our favourite features. 

Here are the top 5 features that we think make HubSpot the best CRM:

  1. Start conversations with your CRM and connect with prospects and clients using features like email templates, email and call tracking, and sales automation.  
  2. Build trust with your clients and establish lasting relationships with a Live Chat function and a meeting scheduler. In the US, you can optimize your customers’ buying experience with natively built CRM-powered payments.
  3. Save time on administrative tasks and make your systems more efficient with 360 degrees of visibility into your process via sales reporting and analytics
  4. Connect with your customers from anywhere with a mobile CRM app. Keep track of all of your leads so no deals slip through the cracks with sales pipeline management.  
  5. Sales Hub also offers a free model and a demo, so you can get started for free and figure out what you need along the way. 

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How Does Sales Hub Pricing HubSpot Stack Up to Competitors?

The Sales Hub platform performs well when compared to top competitors. At a glance on, the business software and service review site, Hubspot has more than double the reviews as other platforms like Groove, Outreach, and Zoho. 

HubSpot’s pricing model is scalable to a growing or larger company whereas Zoho can only accommodate 1 user (Groove and Outreach do not make their pricing model public). Sales Hub features rate well compared to their competitors.

With these great features and Sales Hub pricing, Hubspot offers relief and efficiency to users. You can find more relief and have the opportunity to achieve millions of dollars in annual growth by applying to the Sales Growth Program. Tangible Words’s Growth Specialists can help you decide which Sales Hub edition is right for you and provide clear strategies on how to grow your revenue right now. Learn more about HubSpot Sales Hub and mastering your sales pipeline with this article.

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