Beware Unsubstantiated Claims On Your Website

June 07, 2012 |   2 minute read

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Beware Unsubstantiated Claims On Your Website

Using bogus claims to boost your website views will not help you attract customers online. Audiences are too well-educated in the digital marketing era to fall for unsubstantiated claims using insincere language and offers. Plus, search engines like Google don't like it either.

Unsubstantiated claims can be seen in phrases such as: “We’re the best at Customer Service” or "#1 in Canada". It might be true, but if you don't have the proof to back it up, don't say it. You’d better have an award or a link to your QA/QC process for ensuring better customer service if you’re going to claim that. If you have no proof, you will discredit yourself entirely. 

You might wonder why it even matters. Once you attract your customers, you can make the sale, right? Not so. If your online content shows that you're making claims that aren't backed up by proof, you won't appear in consumer searches. If consumers don't see you they can't buy from you. In the age of AI, search engines are looking for authenticity more than ever in online content. Your job as a legitimate business is to use your platforms to demonstrate your experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. 

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You know your features and benefits. (If you don't know,  there's help for that). Use these qualities about your business to write your content and sell your business online. Instead of saying, "We're #1!", say we have these products and services to help you solve this problem. Audiences who are looking to solve a problem your business can fix will find you without the bogus language.

It's important that if you have accolades and number-one ratings, you also offer this information on your website. This is another way to showcase your expertise and authority and boost those Google rankings.

Use These Reputation-Boosting Points Instead of Unsubstantiated Claims

  • Awards, Certifications
  • Guarantees
  • Examples (Anecdotes, customer’s words, case studies)
  • Statistics from collected polls (internal or external)

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