How To Build An Economic Development Website That Attracts Investors

November 24, 2016 |   2 minute read

How To Build An Economic Development Website That Attracts Investors

It might seem like a good idea to spread a wide net and hope for the best with your economic development website. In reality, your potential investors have upped their game. Users maximize their searches to get the most appropriate results with the least amount of effort. This means you’ve got to streamline your website content messages and repeat them often using different content sources.
It’s okay to be specific. And no, you won’t alienate your audience. If your content doesn’t attract them they weren’t really looking for you anyway.

Three Ways Investors Recognize Themselves On Your Economic Development Website

  1. Always display the information your investors look for most, prominently.  On your homepage break out content that appeals to different audiences (you’ll probably have more than one). Then include Calls To Action (CTAs) they’ll bite on.
  2. Simplify your navigation to focus on the areas of interest. Keep your menu items logical adding subpages and dropdowns only where needed and omitting them where they’re not. Use interlinked copy and subpages to offer detailed information without overwhelming the user with seemingly endless text on one page.
  3. Give each page unique content. Well planned pages make sure all your information is available without repetition. Every word on your website should serve a purpose (not just fill a void). Social media feeds and blogs add fresh quick-read content.

Interested in learning more on how to fix your website content to attract investors?

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