Business Blog Series: Business Blogging with WordPress

February 09, 2012 |   2 minute read

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Business Blog Series: Business Blogging with WordPress

In the past two articles in our Blogging Series we discussed:

Many people ask us in our Business Workshops about WordPress. The in's and out's of WordPress, what to look out for, what plug-ins are helpful, and even how to implement WordPress into an already existing website.

Top 3 items to watch out for when using Business Blogging with WordPress

  1. The great advantage to using WordPress for your business blog is that you have full control over it and can add, and change things whenever you want. But remember when using WordPress since you do have full control it also means that you have chosen to maintain this part of your website as well. Don't forget to update WordPress and any plugins when prompted. If you don't, you could be vulnerable to virus attacks.
  2. Getting a comment on a blog article feels fantastic but make sure you read it carefully. Does it sound legitimate (are all sentences in proper English)? Is it coming from a real website or email address? Only approve comments that really are from a reliable source or you could be dealing with blog spammers. But why are spammers targetting blogs?
  3. Although WordPress works well, make sure to do your research and find out what blogging software works best for your business. We prefer WordPress as it has great functionality, a variety of plug-ins and is quite reliable. Click here for more on what blogging software should you use?

In the next article of our Business Blog Series we will discuss what plugins are helpful when you are starting a business blog or when you are expanding or enhancing the capacity of your business blog. Until next time...

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