Business blogging: where to find content ideas

October 25, 2011 |   2 minute read

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Business blogging: where to find content ideas

Business blogging is an important part of building your online reputation. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find content ideas.  The #1 reason why a business blog fails is because you run out of things to say. It doesn't have to be that way.

Your business blog is an opportunity to offer helpful content to your target audience. Blogs give you more freedom to offer long-form content. Social media is great for quick hits and attention. Use your social channels to direct users to your blogs so they can really understand what you do and what you can do for them. When your customers are moving through their buyer's journey, the more information you can provide to help them make their buying decision works in your favour.

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When writing your business blog with your target audience in mind, make sure you provide details that touch on these four attributes. Use your blog content to:

  1. Demonstrate your expertise,
  2. Share experience
  3. Show your authoritativeness and
  4. Build your trustworthiness as a business.

Google looks for these attributes when ranking your business. And, it's important to your buyers, too.

3 Ideas for How to Find Content for Your Business Blog

  1. Follow other experts in your industry. Watch what your competitors do online and try using similar content types using your own unique selling features. 
  2. Use AI to get prompts for blog ideas. Do not publish blogs completely written by AI. Your business blog needs to reflect a human expererience and is important for building your expertise and creating a trustworthy business online.
  3. Ask your sales people what questions they're asked most by customers. Use those questions as a base for your blogs. Remember,  it's the reliable stream of helpful content that will earn you respect and attract the right customers. 

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