The End Of E-newsletters & The Death Of Social Media

November 20, 2011 |   2 minute read

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The End Of E-newsletters & The Death Of Social Media

Have you heard that e-newsletters work more against you than for you in business? It could be a problem if it were true. 

I was an unfortunate attendee who heard someone exclaim this and then, in the next breath, offer his new service for automated social media feeds. Using a smart social media strategy, automating your social feeds can be very effective. However, simply using an automated service to throw up posts with no logic behind the content or the scheduling will not get you the attention you're looking for.

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His speech was rife with contradictions. How can you refute e-newsletters for their lack of engagement and then promote automated social media feeds

As an online content writer, I objected. As a business owner, I was annoyed. As a Toronto Copywriter, I was furious. The dissemination of misinformation helps nobody, and as online communicators, we need to be wary of sharing bad information.

An informed decision is one you make with more than one source in mind. Before you use automated social media services, keep the following in mind:

  • E-newsletters are a form of social media. You can't promote one without the other. Social media is just another forum for communicating with your customers which is always a good idea.
  • There are five reasons people will hate your brand because of your newsletters. Know the reasons and avoid them using software like HubSpot
  • Automating your social media is not engaging without a plan. Even funny or thought-provoking social messages will fail if you ignore your target audience's interests. In fact, you'll be working towards the death of using social media for building a business reputation if your content is not aimed at your consumer wants and demonstrating your credibility as a business.

Take into consideration what your ideal customer wants to know and how they use online platforms to get their information. Automated social posts need to include helpful information and be posted where your leads will find them.

A great email marketing strategy ensures all of your online content such as your website, blogs, content offers, and social channels, are used to give your prospects the best possible experience when they're on their buyer's journey. 

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