Tangible Words' Copywriting Process for Website Content Case Story

April 15, 2012 |   2 minute read

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Tangible Words' Copywriting Process for Website Content Case Story

When Reliance Recoveries first came to Tangible Words, they said:

"We're getting a new website design and we want new words, too."

The company was very unique in their highly populated industry; the website needed to reflect the level of professionalism, explain their technical debt recovery services more simply, attract the "right" audience and push their website higher in organic search engine ranks.
Reliance Recoveries had many client testimonials but they needed to be edited for website format.  The old website wasn't working as an effective sales tool.

After Tangible Words SEO Website Copywriting Process for Website Content:

Now the same debt collection company says:

Reliance Recoveries new website After: Rank page 1 of Google and attract more prospects


Thanks for looking after me. Our Website is on Page 1 on Google for Debt Collection Victoria. I have been getting enquiries from there, so that is really great. Thanks heaps.” Donna Smith, CEO, Reliance Recoveries

Here's what Tangible Words SEO website copywriting did for Reliance Recoveries:

  1. We followed a 3-step briefing process to research the company, the industry, the competitors and the target market.
  2. We helped our client articulate their concerns, objectives and expectations.

  3. We made a content plan and storyboarded the content for each web page we were assigned to write.

  4. Tangible Words wrote and re-wrote the copy in-house nine times before presenting the copy to our client to explain the writing decisions and to communicate with the client.

  5. Tangible Words worked on two more sets of edits based on client feedback.

  6. We were accountable in a liaison role to work with the web developer to write the copy to fit the new design and to make adjustments once the final design and final copy were ready.

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