Use Your Website Words To Sell Your Business Online

June 25, 2015 |   3 minute read

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Use Your Website Words To Sell Your Business Online

Your website words tell your business story, make it a short story, but a good one. You can’t sell your product on witty banter and video alone—though they do enhance your website words. Make your website purpose obvious and don’t rely on video to communicate. Think about how your website words attract your potential clients, keep them on your website, and lead them to complete an action like a sale. Let them know right away what problem you can solve for them and put the decision to buy up front. Consumers want to know: What’s In It For Me (WIIFM).
Sometimes your industry speak can alienate those consumers who need your product but aren’t familiar with the technical terms or the jargon that goes with it. Where you can use this language is on your blogs and articles that support your business’s online reputation but don’t complicate your copywritten website words.

Here’s Some Tips to Remember When You’re Writing Your Website Words:

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