Wondering How To Create A Strong Headline?

June 23, 2016 |   3 minute read


Wondering How To Create A Strong Headline?

Just like when you read a newspaper, when people first look at a website, they skim the headlines. A strong headline helps people better find and comprehend your messages. Well worded headlines work not only for search engine optimization, they also make it easier for the user to navigate your site. Headlines break up the body text to help draw users to where they need to be looking on the page to get the information they want.

A Strong Headline Must:

  • catch your audience’s attention.
  • speak to your readers but also inform them about your business.
  • help people quickly browse your information so they can start to make an informed decision about your brand.

Use headlines and sub-headlines on all of your documents; or,  your website and brochures will be hard to read.
Remember a strong headline clearly states the value of exploring a topic further on your website. The visitors know immediately why a certain topic is the right one for them to pursue.

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Search Engine Optimization Best Practices For Headlines:

  • Every page should have one H1 tag – this is SEO best practices. Identifying the first headline on your website as worthy of “Heading 1” helps search engines to see that your content is legit.
  • For subheadlines and other graphic text (which we always advocate to help readers’ eyes break up the text into more visual content) use H2 (Heading 2).
  • You can have as many H2’s on a page as you want. And you can have as many H3’s underneath each H2 as you want. But only use one H1 on a page.

Did you get the message?! Online, everyone skims the headlines. This means that it is essential the headlines speak to your readers but also inform them about your business.

Remember great words can hook the user right away (hint: professional copywriters craft your messages into headlines that attract attention).

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