CRM Comparison Guide for Free and Paid

May 29, 2017 |   5 minute read

CRM Comparison Guide for Free and Paid

Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) makes it easier to build and maintain business relationships online. CRM software is designed to help you as a small business or large corporations keep track of customer data and organize your marketing efforts so you can keep your consumers engaged.

With both free and paid versions of CRM software at your disposal you can use this CRM comparison guide to choose the best CRM software to nurture your business relationships. We’ve outlined a few popular picks including pros and cons for each to help you decide.

CRM Comparison Guide (Free Vs. Paid)

Software Free Integrated Analytics
Lead Generation Multi
-channel Support
Campaign Management Mobile Access
Salesforce X limited
Insightly Up to 2 Users limited
Prosperworks   X limited
Pipedrive X
Nutshell X

The above is a sample of available, paid and free CRM software, and common features sought by businesses big and small. Prioritize simplicity when selecting what CRM software is best for you. The smoother the process for the end-user, the more you’ll get out of the service in the long-term.

*Note in CRM comparison guide some CRMs offer free options to non-profits that would otherwise come at a cost, i.e. Zoho.

What CRM Software is Best For Small Businesses & Corporations

Take into account the size of your business. How much of your inbound marketing budget can be allocated to CRM?
Small businesses might do best to test drive free CRM software. You can experiment with its features to see if it meets your needs (i.e. Hubspot). Corporations with stringent marketing goals and a far-reaching customer base might want to invest in paid CRM software. See tips on measuring your return.

Consider the focus of your marketing plan. If you’re set on building a strong email marketing campaign, check which software integrates with your preferred email marketing software. Anticipate needing extra customer support? Make sure you choose a software provider that offers this across multiple channels - phone, email, live chat...

Identify which features your company needs to build inbound marketing campaigns. Then use this CRM comparison guide with your own research to choose the best system for you.

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