Expecting your copywritten copy on time?

July 21, 2010 |   3 minute read


Expecting your copywritten copy on time?

I'm a little surprised. Some of my new clients are choosing Tangible Words because their previous copywriter didn't deliver their copy on-time. As a business owner, I can't help but think if a copywriter doesn't deliver copy on time, the writing should be free to the customer.

Seriously, I know we're "writers" and we all have a "creative" side. But creativity shouldn't be an excuse to slight our "business" side when we're running a "writing business." I'm a copywriter, but I'm also a business owner. I love punctuality. So here are some tips for fellow business owners to make sure they are choosing a copywriter who will deliver business writing, or copywriting, on-time.

3 tips for business owners to ensure copywritten copy is delivered on-time:

  1. Buffer timelines: Choose a copywriter who is realistic on establishing timelines. If they say they are going to get the copy to you in two days time, I'd be a little suspicious. Especially if they aren't charging you extra for a "rush" job. Copywriters need time for writing, researching and editing. Plus, you have to assume they're good, so your webpage, or brochure, isn't the only job your copywriter is working on at the moment. Make sure copywriters are promising you Draft 1 in reasonable time, like 5 business days.
  2. Pay part of the tax invoice up front. Not only does this fund the job, but it will keep you, as the business owner, focussed on your tasks. Freelance copywriters don't work in your business so we need time to get to know your business (we do this in the "briefing" stage). Copywriters rely on business owners to fulfil their side of the deal.  Be available to answer questions so there is no delay on the delivery of your copy. And, it's natural for business owners to be distracted by other responsibilities, so paying 50% of the job's invoice up front keeps everyone's 'head in the game.'
  3. If your copywriter doesn't deliver on time, try someone else next time. If you feel you've fulfilled your half of the deal, and the timelines for the delivery of Draft 1 of your copy haven't been fulfilled, don't be a sucker for punishment. There are a lot of copywriters available. Find the company that delivers your copy on time, every time.

I mean, what reasons could there be for late delivery of your copy?
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