Find Out What Google Has to Offer Beyond Search & Gmail

June 04, 2018 |   3 minute read

Find Out What Google Has to Offer Beyond Search & Gmail

Your company blog content doesn’t always have to be about you and what you know—you probably write about that all the time, after all! 

Blogging about other businesses that you admire, or whose values align with your own, can be a great way to reach new audiences and add some variety to your content marketing strategy. It can also tell visitors to your website or company blog more about your company’s personality, so to speak. 

Take Google, for example. One of the most recognizable companies in North America, Google’s name resonates with a wide range of audiences. However, many businesses might be unaware of what Google has to offer them beyond search results rankings.

What Google Has to Offer Small Businesses

Google offers tools, resources and support for businesses, educators, not-for-profit organizations and others in accordance with its stated commitments. It also produces content in alignment with those commitments.

Google supported the Equal Justice Initiative in creating the interactive narrative project Lynching in America

Here are 3 Google products you might not have previously known about. some of them might be useful for your business—Google is something of an authority when it comes to the internet, after all.

What google has to offer for content creation services

3 Google Products You Might Not Know About

#1 Grow with Google

Found at, Grow with Google offers free knowledge and training, with a whole section for local business. Users can learn about growing their online presence, or test their websites to get recommendations for improving performance. Business could use what Google has to offer, like this tool, to increase their marketing savvy, or to take self-paced courses on online advertising.

#2 Think with Google

Read about topics such as digital marketing, programmatic advertising and data analysis at There’s also an informative newsletter you can subscribe to that delivers resources and stories right to your inbox. As one of the most popular search engines in the world with access to an incredibly large source of data taking advantage of what Google has to offer, such as a tonne of free knowledge, can reveal hidden gems of online wisdom.

#3 Perspective

Google’s Counter Abuse Technology team helped create an API that monitors online discussions and comments. Called Perspective, the project’s first model offers insight as to whether a comment can be perceived as toxic to a discussion. Businesses can request access to this tool and use it to monitor user perspectives shared on their own websites.

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See what we did there?

Writing about another company that offers services connected to your own—digital marketing and content creation services, for example—can produce enough blog posts to keep your content calendar full and diverse.

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