Keep Your Website Content In Line With Google Rules

December 08, 2015 |   2 minute read

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Keep Your Website Content In Line With Google Rules

There’s a simple way to make sure you aren’t penalized by Google rule changes: work with Tangible Words.

We keep on top of and follow Google’s published documents on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices. If you’ve taken our training you’ll have been instructed on how you follow these steps. And, any copy Tangible Words has written for you follows these rules, every time. It’s all part of your Quality Assured Process, that will give you the best online content and Google ranking to makes your business stand out online.

Writing Your Own Online Content? Follow These Top Two Google Rules

So what happens when you need to write online content of your own? Here’s two things we think are paramount for your online content to comply with Google:

  1. Beware the SEO Expert. You might think offering duplicate content across multiple sites is a valid ranking strategy. Turns out, if you’re hiring an SEO expert who buys you 100 domains to list you across 100 databases, what you’ll get is your same content pasted across all the websites. Google thinks this is “cheating” a.k.a “Black Hat SEO.” Create the content and use it to generate organic rankings; this helps Google direct honest users to honest content. Google is just a happy librarian who wants to make sure every user finds the right book. The Google motto is “don’t be evil”. “Paid” organic rankings are deceptive, pay for your ads and make the effort with your content.
  2. Give The Content You’re Promising. It’s not intentional. Sometimes your content doesn’t factor in all the keywords and phrases you need. So make sure you fill in your Yoast SEO plugin. Yoast SEO lets you know where you need to fill in content gaps so you aren’t misdirecting users to content you’ve promised in Meta tags, but not delivered on your pages.

Stay In Line with Google Rules.

Don't cheat. Remember customers always want to know what’s in it for me. If you cheat Google, they'll be sceptical of what you would do to them.

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