How High Speed Internet Helps Canadian Manufacturers Attract Customers

April 21, 2017 |   3 minute read

How High Speed Internet Helps Canadian Manufacturers Attract Customers

The Canadian manufacturing sector remains a powerhouse exporting more than $318 billion each year and adding 1.7 million full-time jobs across the country. While already an integral part of the Canadian economy, there are opportunities for growth and modernization within the industry starting with high speed internet access.  

High Speed Internet Unlocks Growth Potential for Manufacturing Sector

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) acknowledges high speed internet as a resource vital to modern-day communications and plans to increase access to 90% by 2021. Despite the manufacturing industry’s reputation for doing business the old school way, the key to competing on an global stage is technology. Even something as simple as high speed internet access can help Canadian manufacturers attract customers.

3 Ways Internet Access Can Help Canadian Manufacturers Attract Customers

  1. Connect colleagues & teams.
    High Speed Internet Access can bridge the geographical gap allowing rural-based employees to connect with colleagues anywhere in the world. Bringing different people together with different perspectives and ideas allows for more dynamic teams. From discussions about processes improvements, to efficient production, the ability to connect in real-time can further advancements and help manufacturing companies stay competitive on a global scale.
  2. Spread the word...expand reach internationally
    With so many manufacturers operating from remote locations, communication becomes vital for improving visibility and sharing your company’s value with potential customers. Access to high speed internet makes more frequent website updates possible. Manufacturers could also host virtual sales meetings or presentations making it easier to reach international customers and close deals faster. Fore more ideas, have a look at How Inbound Marketing Attracts International Manufacturing Customers.
  3. Sharing resources digitally
    Having quality staff, who are knowledgeable about your workmanship is necessary to the health and success of your manufacturing company. Having access to high speed internet means on-boarding, operations training, or procedural resources (e.g. WHMIS manual) could all be offered online. Digital resource sharing could reduce some shipping and travel expenses too.

Access to high speed internet across Canada can help Canadian manufacturers attract customers to our manufacturing sector keeping it healthy and thriving in this highly competitive global landscape. From Operations to HR to Sales & Marketing, manufacturers will be able to leverage improved internet access to create faster, better and cheaper ways to do business which just makes good business sense.

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