Canadian Manufacturing - Stay Competitive in the US Market

May 10, 2017 |   3 minute read


Canadian Manufacturing - Stay Competitive in the US Market

Despite the uncertainties south of the border, there are ways you can protect and promote your Canadian manufacturing business to stay competitive in the US market. Developing a communications plan will improve your manufacturing website content and give you a competitive edge.

5 Steps to Develop a Communications Plan to Stay Competitive in the US Market

Provide Accurate, Trustworthy, Timely Content to US Customers


A good content strategy is built from defining and providing helpful content to your target audience. Your target audience will encompass different types of buyers (we call these personas). As a manufacturer, your US market buyer can be an important persona for you. You define your different personas so you can determine the most helpful information and the most likely ways you'll interact based on their unique behaviour.

So, if you have a US-based buyer who is:

  • looking for a specific product,
  • does extensive online research, and
  • checks their emails every morning but rarely uses social media for work;

You're going to create helpful content they can easily find on your website and provide an offer that prompts them to sign up for your emails. Then you can give them more information they need in a format they'll most likely respond to.

That said, here is how you create that content to attract your target persona in the US market:

  1. Let the customer drive your content. The needs and wants of your target market will direct the type of content you create and the platforms you use to deliver it. Use SEO optimization.
  2. Clearly explain how you deal with US dollar/currency fluctuation.
  3. Communicate the value of goods manufactured in Canada.
  4. Explain shipping costs upfront.  Address any logistics issues.
  5. Educate your target market about government policies, trade barriers, and tariffs, which may affect their transactions.

Ensure your website content speaks to your US customers (WIIFM) so that you stay competitive in the US market.

An effective way to ensure your content reaches the right people at the right time is to track your content activity using software like HubSpot.  Using CRM software, you can see how your content performs with your contact lists to help you better target your messages to your prospects and customers.

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