How to get web developers to build the website you want - on time

January 19, 2010 |   3 minute read


How to get web developers to build the website you want - on time

One of the things plaguing many small businesses is getting a business website designed, built and online on-time.

Not having a business website isn't every small businesses' problem, for instance, if you're tech-saavy  you'd already know you can get a WordPress website (which is free blogging software allowing small businesses to  create their own business websites and business blogs), and I've previously posted about how to set it up with your business web address (URL).

I'll continue to give you support on how to set up your own business blog or website, and you can always get LIVE help from the Tangible Words Twitter site.

But if you are paying a web designer to  design your business website from scratch, you might be stuck in big $$ contract--frustrated that your business website is not finished as quickly as you need your business website to be and might not be the website you want.

Don't miss out on driving more business because your company website isn't online yet

To help prevent this happening to your business (whether your web developer is building your business a brand

Download TW's website brief--for free!

new website or refreshing an existing business website) use this web design brief as a communication tool between web designer terms and layman's terms. This design brief would also work for small businesses wanting a blog, and all small businesses should be getting a business blog in.

You can download this web design brief for free, and by all means, share it around. B0th web designers and other businesses will thank you for sharing this web design brief. Don't forget to ask your web designer about content writing. If they are not offering it, make sure to ask about having your online content written by a website  copywriter.

If you complete this free web design brief BEFORE you meet with your web designer, you are guaranteed to have greater success in communicating your ideal concepts, functions and due dates ensuring your business website (or blog) is completed on time.

Click on the image, or download your business website design brief here:  Web Design Brief Template provided by Tangible Words.