How to Use Twitter to Get More Tourist Bookings for your Destination

April 19, 2017 |   2 minute read


How to Use Twitter to Get More Tourist Bookings for your Destination

Twitter is best known for its short, micro-blog style messages that get right to the point. Use Twitter to get more tourist bookings by using the 140 characters to catch the attention of tourists about your destination and convert them to visitors. As an added bonus, your Twitter feed is Google-friendly, but more on that later! Since social media is all about connecting and communicating with people directly, here’s how you can use Twitter to showcase your region and entice more tourists to visit.

3 Types of Tweets to Get More Tourist Bookings for Your Destination

  1. Show and share photos and videos. Tweet out those postcard-worthy images of your destination, or better yet retweet pics shared by those who have already visited your tourist region. What a great way to access fresh content and engage with your audience at the same time. #TwitterWin
  2. Advise your followers on all the latest news from your business or tourist region. Creating awareness about new services and businesses in your region (e.g. a spa or campground) could get new tourists to visit or spark renewed interest and a repeat visit from previous guests.
  3. Send out special offers, promotions or giveaways. These special perks could tempt price-conscious tourists to visit your destination instead of another. If you already follow businesses in your community on Twitter that have complementary services, why not retweet their special offers as a value-add to your followers? They’ll likely reciprocate, expanding your company or region’s reach to a whole new set of potential guests.

Of course these tips can only work if your Twitter account has a group of followers. If you’re still working on building up that audience, you’ll want to read through Here’s How To Get People To Notice You On Twitter.

Remember the purpose of social media is to engage with your audience, so don’t be afraid to get those conversations going online. Not only does it help your branding, Google indexes Twitter feeds so while tourists are researching your destination online, your twitter feed can help drive traffic to your website.

Using Twitter to get more tourist bookings is only one way to market your destination which is why we recommend having a Twitter strategy. While it does require some thoughtful planning, it is well worth the effort.

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