Increase Your Online Sales and Grow Your Business in 2017

December 07, 2016 |   3 minute read

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The end of 2016 has come and, like most entrepreneurs, you probably have a whole list of articles you wanted to read – all relevant to your business! To help you catch up, here is our compilation of…

The 7 Top Content Marketing Articles to Help You Grow Your Business Online in 2017 

  1. SEO Tips To Help You Attract The Right Buyers in 2017 - Once you’ve enriched your site with good-quality and audience-relevant content, you want investors and potential customers to read it. One way to drive traffic to your content is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  2. How To Use Twitter To Attract Business Attention Online - Here is a how you would use a specific social media to draw attention to your business.
  3. Stop Losing Business Online - Here’s How: Your website is a vital part of your business. Here is a refresher on the eternal (and easy) importance of giving your website ongoing attention. In content marketing, it’s especially good to be reminded of the importance of good content.
  4. Write For Your Audience Using Different Content Marketing Styles - As part of your content-creation plan, know what your target audience wants.
  5. Why You Need A Social Media Content Strategy and a Social Media Content Policy - Another way is through the consistent and extensive use of social media (social media marketing).
  6. How To Increase Online Traffic and Build Relationships From Your Blog - And once you’ve done all the hard work of attracting more traffic to your site and gaining valuable connections, you’ll want to hang onto those relationships. Find out about a specific tool you can employ toward that end.
  7. Content Still King As Websites Evolve - And to bring our list full circle to where it began (content), a reminder that, no matter where internet culture and technology takes us in the future (for instance, in 2017), content will always be a key component of growing your business.

Want to keep growing your business well into 2017?

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