Does your business have to be different? USP

August 19, 2011 |   2 minute read


Does your business have to be different? USP

When you buy an iPod, you want it to be the same product whether you bought it from an Apple store or a department store, right? So it might seem strange when I tell you that your business website needs to show readers why you're different.
I mean, it's true that there is a certain standard behind products and services expected to be uphead. If you print business cards, they should still look like business cards. So doesn't that mean that your business doesn't have to be very different?

But the reasons you're unique = why customers buy from you instead of your competition.

This is usually called your U.S.P. (Unique Sales/Selling Proposition).
Think about the iPod example in a different way. We all bought the iPod because it was different to any product we'd seen before. And it still (despite multiple many early glitches) has showed that it is different: in it's sleek shape, it's multiple sizes, it's access to resources like iTunes, and it's innovation with products like the iChip and iPhone.
You have to be chosen over the competition. Customers want to buy something unique. It's essential you explain why you're different on your company website; and that's a key way to improve your website content.
So all you have to do is improve the way you communicate to your prospects online. Show how unique you are on your business website, and you'll see immediate improvement on your sales. To get started on improving your website content, think about how you'd answer these questions:

  • How do you articulate your point of difference?
  • What's your unique selling proposition (U.S.P.)?

Leave a comment (below)  if you'd like some feedback as you try to articulate your answers.