Make Your Business More Successful With a Content Partnership

June 16, 2016 |   2 minute read


Make Your Business More Successful With a Content Partnership

A content partnership gives your business access to experts in all areas of inbound marketing at a reasonable cost. These experts help you reach your ideal customers and convert those leads to buyers.

It can be tricky to keep up with the ever-changing content rules, new technology, and complex customer relationship software. If you own a small or medium-sized business. Your sales and marketing team could already be overwhelmed. Copywriters, content strategists, social media marketing specialists and website designers work with your teams.  A content partnership fast-tracks the building and implementation of a growth plan that gets you more revenue with less effort.

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5 Ways a Content Partnership Will Make Your Marketing Team's Life Easier

Working with your marketing and sales teams is an important part of creating the most effective content to attract visitors to your website and nurture leads. Your marketers know your business and how to use marketing tools. Your salespeople know your ideal clients and what you need to tell them in order to promote interest and close deals. In a content partnership, everyone's expertise is used to create revenue-generating content that is unique to your business. 


Here's Five Ways Teaming Up with Content Strategists Helps You Generate More Revenue



  1. Removes time-consuming work from your team (such as research, organization, writing and editing).
  2. Provides project management to make sure your content is ready by deadlines.
  3. Teaches you how to react faster and nurture customers with more meaningful, consistent messaging and connection opportunities.
  4. Helps you fill knowledge gaps and understand advances in marketing so you stop missing opportunities.
  5. Keeps you relevant with pre-planned content written, managed and sent on a schedule using calendars and worklfows.

On content partnerships, you’ll be assigned a Content Marketing Project Manager who works to your marketing team’s expectations—and your deadlines. Let's get your content 'to do' list done!

How Could Your Website Get More Qualified Leads?

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