Do You Know How To Keep Your Website Evolving?

May 17, 2016 |   3 minute read


Do You Know How To Keep Your Website Evolving?

You’ve invested time, money and effort into developing a website, but do you know how to keep your website evolving?
Websites have changed on us again.  Remember when splash pages were cool? Well that’s over. Now you need to revamp your website every 4-6 years to maintain a quality user experience. Even in the past five years, the focus on content and changing Google algorithms has raised expectations of both the search engines and users.

Writing Quality Content Helps To Keep Your Website Evolving

New algorithms see through blatant keyword stuff. While keywords are not as crucial as they once were you still need to identify where your business fits writing quality content.  Quality content is language that can be interpreted so pages are recommended for what they offer based on what it actually says on their website.
Revamping your website or looking to launch? Keep the website evolution top of mind, but don’t worry too much. There are ways to keep your business website relevant and elevate your user experience.

Enhance Your User Experience & Keep Your Website Evolving

User interface is essential for sales conversion. If your buyers don’t like your site they’re on to the next one in three seconds. Yes. Three. So you have little time to convince users to stay and no time to leave the creative burden to them. It’s too easy to move on, so follow these three principles:

  1. Know your audience. Find out the types of users interested in your business then cater to them unabashedly. Figure out exactly what they want and give it to them. Make choices obvious and buy options easy.
  2. Know what your customers need. Consumers are looking to solve a problem. Help them do it with your product USP, your helpful information and your expertise.
  3. Write in a way people understand. Evolving algorithms aside you still need to write in a way that makes sense to your customers. Confusing jargon and convoluted messages with no features or benefits detracts from the user experience.

Always provide an incentive to contact you. Compel your users to act because they’ll get something out of it. Make it easy to start a relationship; offer a live chat or free consultation. Don’t stop with the initial contact. Nurture the relationship, no hard sales, offer advice and show your knowledge to earn trust.

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