Make Your Business Website Purpose Obvious

March 03, 2015 |   3 minute read


Make Your Business Website Purpose Obvious

Consumers are a finicky bunch. Make things too difficult or confusing and they’ll move on pretty quickly. Expending energy to get traffic to a website that uses vague wording and unclear instructions—which can make potential customers give up on your site—means you’ve wasted time and lost potential business from unimpressed users.
Take control of the content and use your website and the relationships it will build with your prospects to make sales and grow your business.

"Don’t leave it to your customers to figure out your business.” Tangible Words CEO Alysha Dominico."

When time and effort is put into creating and maintaining a website—whether you did it yourself or paid someone else to do it—you need to make the most of your investment with well planned content.
Your website is your online shop front. Dress it up to entice people inside and make sure the consumer gets what they’re looking for with the right information and tools to complete the transaction. A flashy website with no clear call to action is just a pretty placeholder. Do you want people to book online, buy now, or call you? You need to tell them what to do, point blank.

Remember These Three Words to Lead Your Potential Customers To What They’re Looking For:

  1. Offer
  2. Incentive
  3. Action

Look at your website with the eyes of a consumer and keep these questions in mind:

How do you know what needs to be changed? Get a third party to audit your website content to help you understand areas to improve.
Doing it right takes effort and a bit of soul searching to ensure your website is a customer engagement tool, not a “look at me” marquee. Save the pats on the back for the meeting room, customers don’t want to know about you, it’s all about them.   So make your business website purpose obvious. Start with your team, then plan your content, and maximize your design for the best user experience.
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