How To Make Your Website Writing More Interesting

April 30, 2011 |   2 minute read

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It used to be that colloquial language was frowned upon. Not so anymore.

Copywriting helps you get picked from the bunch Website Copywriting helps you get picked from the bunch

In school, we were all taught to be formal content writers. But it doesn't take long in the work force to realise you've left the world of academia far behind.
People want to be written to like you're right in front of them. It's more appealing because when language isn't a barrier, no one is intimidated. If you want to make sure you're website writing is attractive to your readers (and all business owners do), why not take a page out of the book of fiction writers.
3 Helpful Hints From Fiction To Use In Your Sales Copy

  • Start listening to speech in cafes, so you can focus on making your writing more 'down to earth'.
  • Think more critically about blog articles, emails and magazine articles you read. What made them interesting to you? Adopt these strategies in your sales website copy and other materials.
  • Don't be afraid to use slang. If you'd use it in speech, try using it in writing. Slang is familiar to everyone, and as long as you're not being vague, it makes for faster reading. And everyone reads internet pages quickly.

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