How To Make Your Website Writing More Interesting

April 30, 2011 |   2 minute read

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How To Make Your Website Writing More Interesting

It used to be that colloquial language was frowned upon. Not so anymore. Effective website writing means adding a human touch to relay your experience and trustworthiness to prospective buyers.

School teaches us to be formal content writers. But it doesn't take long in the workforce to realize you've left the world of academia far behind, and to sell your business better, you need to change your writing style.

People want to be written to like you're right with them. If your website content uses technical jargon that only industry insiders understand, it can create a barrier for consumers. They'll move on to a website they can better understand if they don't get it.  When language isn't a barrier, no one is intimidated. So always, write for your audience.

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If you want to ensure your website writing is attractive to your readers (and all business owners do), use these helpful tips.

3 Helpful Hints To Use In Your Online Copy

  • Take note of how your salespeople pitch your products and services. Focus on writing more using words that resonate with your customers and reflect your industry (SEO is important to help you craft your content and rank higher in Google searches.
  • Think more critically about blog articles, emails and magazine articles you've read. Identify what interested you. Add these elements to your sales website copy and other materials. Check out your competitor's websites for content ideas, too.
  • Don't be afraid to use less formal language. If you'd use it in speech, try using it in writing.  It makes for faster reading, and you need to capture visitor attention within 3 seconds of them clicking on your page. People read internet pages quickly or skim the content for highlights. Use headlines, blockquotes and linked text to grab attention and engage users.

If you're overwhelmed by the changes in Google search rankings, the AI technology, and the sheer volume of writing you need to do, you can use professional copywriters to help. 

Get Help to Plan Your Content So You Can Write For Your Audience

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