Marketing Trends 2020: How To Focus Your Efforts for the Future

November 07, 2019 |   5 minute read

Marketing Trends 2020: How To Focus Your Efforts for the Future

2019 is coming to an end and 2020 is rapidly approaching. As a new decade dawns, you may be wondering where to focus your marketing efforts. Before the holiday rush, now is the perfect time to review what has worked this past year, look into the new trends that are becoming impactful, and decide what you have done in the past that can be left in 2019. 

Marketing Trends 2020: How To Prepare for a Bright Tomorrow

There are exciting things on the horizon for 2020. Incorporate as many of these trends as you can moving forward in order to capitalize now on marketing trends 2020. 

1. Self-driving Cars

You may be wondering why self-driving cars (and ride sharing!) matter to marketing. Consumers will now have more time to be on their devices, meaning they will see more content than ever. Make sure that yours are the ads they focus on.  

2. Voice-Assistant Search 

Think about how your brand would look without any visual support. Is it appealing? Would you buy from your company? Your data and content needs to resonate in this verbal revolution. When you are creating content, do it with the voice platform in mind so that you don’t get lost in a Google search

3. Facebook Messenger Marketing

You can send messages to customers through Facebook Messenger as a “chat blast”. It is much more interactive than an email blast and users can enable push notifications so that your information is received almost as soon as it is sent. 

4. Sound-Free Videos

85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. Make sure that if you are producing content in the form of videos, that your message gets across whether the sound is on or not. If the images are confusing without sound, make sure that you have (properly edited) captions to go along with each scene. 

5. Gen Z 

When creating a marketing plan, don’t leave Gen Z (those born between 1995 and 2012) out of your focus. By 2030, Gen Z will make up 30% of the workforce. This generation has been described as being very brand loyal - so make sure yours is the brand they all fall in love with. 

Sometimes the Best Plan is to Leave a Plan Behind

Being a smart business owner means trying new things, but also stopping things that aren’t working. There are channels that are not providing the ROI that the once did that you should consider letting go. 

  • new marketing planPrint ads: For years, companies put all their time and effort into creating flashy brochures. However, now customers go out of their way to avoid ads. Let go of the brochure and other print ads and embrace a modern (environmentally friendly) alternative, like email communication or blog posts.
  • Television: Television ads are very costly to produce and run. The way we watch television has changed now, as well. We stream, subscribe and fast forward to avoid commercials. Embrace a different medium like a podcast. Forty-four percent of adults have listened to a podcast, and that total is on the rise. 

Your Future Is Worth the Time and Investment

Dive headfirst into 2020 knowing you have all the skills needed for success. And, if you need further support, consider speaking to inbound marketing specialists for all the latest marketing trends.
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