Master Writing Your Business Blog To Generate More Business

May 26, 2015 |   4 minute read


Master Writing Your Business Blog To Generate More Business

Position yourself ahead of competitors by writing business blogs, and do it well.
Great business blogs can make your online reputation soar, and elevate your business up the search rankings. When you’re at the top, potential customers find you first.
Business blogging is less about the writing and more about the planning. Don’t get me wrong, the words you use are very important (search engine optimization), but you can learn to produce good content that will help your business. Business blog writing is an analytical process even more so than a creative one.
Your company’s blog needs to be written in a way that makes a positive impact on the sales cycle to warrant the time and effort. Here’s what your business blog writing process entails:

5 Steps to Writing Your Business Blog To Generate More Business

  1. Think about it—decide what you’re going to write about based on how the blog content will affect the sales cycle, then brainstorm your ideas.
  2. Analyse it—refine your brainstorm ideas to make sure you’re giving your potential customers what they want. Keep the good ideas (go ahead and schedule these), rework the “so-so” ideas to make them good, and ditch the bad ones altogether (don’t waste time writing a blog that’s not going to help your business.)
  3. Write It—Write about your business in a way people can understand. At this stage, just let the content flow, you’ll have to edit and refine it in the next step. Plus, you’ll make sure someone else edits your work before you post it, right? (Fresh eyes always find something you missed, even if you’re a skilled write.)
  4. Edit It—It doesn't end with the writing step. Now you have to analyse the content again and ask yourself if it’s fulfilling your customers’ WIIFM you defined in Step 1. Be brutal in your assessment, if it’s not working drop it and try again.
  5. Post and Promote It—When the content passes your analysis and your best editor, it’s time to post. Do you have a blog section on your website, will you use it in your e-newsletter? How will people find it to read: Twitter, Linked In? Don’t know? Read On.

Do you have someone on staff who can do this for you? If, yes talk to them about these steps to make sure their maximizing your business blog potential with good SEO content. If you don’t have someone on staff, think about how much you would pay to have it done for you. Find out what your return on investment is for professional copywriting services, it’s probably more affordable than you think.
If any of these steps have left you feeling anxious, relax. Tangible Words offers a host of services to help you not only maximize your website content, but also rethink the way you market your business.

Here’s a Few of the Copywriting Services to Help Your Business Blog Generate More Business:

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