Non-Profit Organization Marketing - Reach Your Target Audience

April 14, 2015 |   3 minute read

Non-Profit Organization Marketing - Reach Your Target Audience

Working in communications for a non-profit organization can be very rewarding. You get to spend your days promoting a cause like your community, your environment, or your health.
Keeping your non-profit organization marketing relevant can be very challenging. You get to spend your days trying to reach a broad audience while overcoming money constraints, and limited staff and time.

Find The Balance Between The Rewards And Challenges Of Non-Profit Organization Marketing. Here’s 3 Ways To Get Started:

  1. Reconfirm Your Target Audience So Your Efforts are Not Wasted

    No amount of great content can combat the apathy of people who truly don’t care about it, so reach those who do. You may think you know your audience because you’ve been doing this for a while or it’s “obvious” the demographic you’re trying to reach. Truth is things change. Renew your organizations’ vision of who your audience really is. Then make sure they’re receiving the marketing materials that you’ve been working so hard to create.

  2. Plan Your Website Content To Meet Your Timelines

    Have you ever sent your newsletter out two weeks late rendering your “news” obsolete? Sending out old news can hurt your future marketing efforts whether it’s on time or not. Regularly scheduled content like e-newsletters, social media updates, or business blogs helps instill audience confidence in your message. Give the impression that your good communication management is a reflection of how well your organization is run.Schedule your content needs just like you would your annual fundraiser to do’s or your board meeting agendas. Content planning prepares you for what messages need to go out and when, letting you dedicate time to organize, write and review it so you can avoid hasty releases leading to embarrassing mistakes.

  3. Get Help From Professional Website Copywriters

    Do you ever feel that your coworkers don’t “get” what you’re doing and how it impacts your organization? Or you don’t have the staff to help you generate the content to keep your marketing active? Getting help to maximize your content not only helps you take control of your marketing needs, it connects you with communication peers who do understand what you’re working towards and the challenges you face.

Content writers, like Tangible Words staff, make sure they understand your organization and use your ideas effectively when helping with writing, planning or organizing your content.  Plus, we understand that budgets weigh heavily on decisions to pay for help outside the organization. Find out what your return on investment is when seeking the help of content planners and writing professionals.

As A Non-Profit Organization Marketer Remember These 3 Things:

  1. You are selling something whether it’s support for an idea, a reason to donate, or a call to action—sales copywriting tools do work for you too.
  2. There’s always competition—get your message heard, repeatedly, so you’re not forgotten.
  3. Small marketing budgets can get the results you need—it’s up to you to choose your communication investment wisely.

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