3 Benefits To Remember When You’re Automating Your Content Marketing:

May 14, 2015 |   3 minute read

3 Benefits To Remember When You’re Automating Your Content Marketing:

In the last article, we discussed easing your content overload by automating your content marketing with an editorial calendar.

How Automating Your Content Marketing Makes Reaching Your Communication Goals Easier

When you take the time to write down the types of content you think you need, you are able to refine your content planning and devise ways to freshen it up or forget about it if it’s become irrelevant.

Plus, longer term scheduling lets you define messages that can be recycled. This means you can send out the same core messages (like seasonal events) but you can change up the language or add some new ideas without reinventing the wheel. This makes time for when you do have to have to dig a little deeper for inspiration, to frame new messages for things like fundraising campaigns or project success stories.

Here’s 3 Benefits To Remember When You’re Automating Your Marketing:

  1. You Can Pace Yourself
    When you’re super busy during the summer but you know December is slow, you can write a lot of content then and free up your time when you’re talents are needed elsewhere.
  2. You Can Make the Most of Social Media Tools
    The evolving ways to communicate can complicate a content plan. Taking a look at your editorial needs for a year can help you pinpoint where you want to put your marketing efforts and limit jumping on a new media bandwagon without identifying how it will benefit you.

“This doesn’t mean you’re not going to want to use these new social media tools, however, when you have a plan you can spend more time figuring out how to use them and less time pulling content out of a hat to keep up.”

3. You Can Pass It On
You can take your editorial calendar and easily assign tasks to coworkers. Take advantage of a gifted social media user or subject matter expert willing to help publicize the organization. Plus, if you’re still a bit doubtful of passing the writing torch you can get them content writing training.

Copywriters Can Help You Get Your Content Out On Time

Even after you’ve planned your year, lined up some coworkers to help, and started drafting your blog posts you might still find that time is limited. Get help from professional website copywriters, in Ottawa, Toronto, Belleville, Bancroft, or Melbourne, who’ll take your calendar topics (or help you define them) and create the content you need when you need it. Plus they’ll make sure your messages are effective at reaching the target audiences you’ve defined.
Find your peace of mind and see a return on investment with Tangible Words quality assured process from one-off writing assignments to yearly content partnerships that will help you meet your communication goals.

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