Three Reasons To Write Content To Attract Your Target Audience

October 30, 2017 |   3 minute read


Three Reasons To Write Content To Attract Your Target Audience

So you’ve started inbound marketing to attract your target audience (if not, read 5 Reasons Why Inbound Marketing Works). Good choice. However, when you're using inbound marketing as your online marketing strategy, you might be tempted to aim your new content at the most widespread, general audience you can think of. After all, more views equal more sales, right? Well, that’s not actually the case.
Here are three reasons why creating content to attract your target audience is fundamental to your successful online content strategy:

  • You can’t please everyone, all of the time. Produce content with a specific appeal to attract your target audience who will then share your content. This is the foundation of inbound marketing; an organic, less obtrusive process aimed at consumers you know as your target audience.
  • Targeted content helps solve problems or provide opportunities. If your brand does this successfully, you'll attract your target audience and they'll return for more. The more repeat visitors the better they will feel about your brand.

Consider this: prior to mainstream internet usage, it took 2-7 touch points to close a new customer. That figure has been tracked to have grown to 28-62 touch points because of the access to information customers now have.  

Content makes up those touch points for you - building the trust and confidence every customer searches for before they buy. Just be wary of repetition with your content, and trying to solve the same problem - in the same way - more than once.

  • For inbound marketing to work properly, you need to develop and research customer personas. Start with the most profitable audiences you want to attract. Then produce content with a specific appeal to them (so they'll share your quality content with their like-minded network too). 

How To Write Content To Reliably Attract Your Target Audience

attract your target audienceImagine and then research the steps that persona would go through in order to consider buying from you. Then, predict the problems each potential customer would encounter during this process (i.e. on their buyer’s journey). Produce content that alleviates concerns, smooths over problems, and answers questions.  You'll ultimately guide the target audience toward choosing your business over a competitor’s.

If you’ve repeatedly solved problems and successfully predicted the buyer’s journey, this will give brand recognition, and will result in more sales.
If your audience trusts you and your knowledge, they’ll share your content. Therefore quality content keeps paying for itself again and again. Eventually increasing your brand visibility.

Here's What You Now Know About Creating Content To Attract Your Target 

To build the kind of brand loyalty that has customers returning again and again, you need to:

  • Research their needs,
  • Produce content tailored to those needs,
  • Build trust by solving problems,
  • Focus on your audience’s needs so you don’t waste the customer’s time, or yours.

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