Turn Objections Into Opportunities For Your Ontario Tourist Region

June 26, 2017 |   3 minute read

Turn Objections Into Opportunities For Your Ontario Tourist Region

We all want to feel that we are making good decisions. Tourists can need several points of contact before deciding to purchase. And, they may have objections. Maybe they think they can’t afford a vacation. Maybe they're worried about finding activities for multiple generations. While you can’t anticipate every objection, you can turn objections into opportunities for your Ontario tourist region.

Steps To Turn Objections Into Opportunities For Your Ontario Tourist Region 

Objections are a good thing. Asking questions means that your prospect is interested and willing to spend more time researching your Ontario tourist region. Sometimes a prospect will need more discussion to persuade them to visit your tourist destination. Embrace these opportunities.

Offer More Information About Features

Objections let you get inside the prospect’s head. Perhaps the prospect has misunderstood a certain point or needs more information to decide. Make sure they know about your features. Conversation provides the opportunity to promote your Ontario tourist region. Keep in mind that the prospect is asking “What’s in it for me?” (WII.FM).

Making a booking is based on discovering what motivates the prospect.

Find out more information about their wants, needs and priorities. Then target your information to explain how your Ontario tourism destination meets those goals. You might discover long hours are an issue, so offer your supervised children’s programming which allows them time to go on a hike with their spouse.

Emphasize Your Ontario Tourist Region's Benefits

Acknowledge your tourism prospects' objections. Understand set your tourist region apartwhat the prospect views as a risk and address their concerns directly. Once you understand what their objection is, rephrase it as a question. Ask, “If you had a campsite that was closer to the showers, would you be more comfortable staying at our site?” 

Narrow down and remove the objections.
Use testimonials to demonstrate the benefits of your Ontario tourist region. Tell the prospect about a similar family, who were happy with the value they received.

Take The Opportunity to Build Relationships

When you address objections and provide accurate information, you create trust and build relationship. The prospect will be much more receptive when you explain how you will provide value for their money, how your destination meets their needs, and why they should book now.

Show the prospect you value their point of view. Say ‘I agree that you need to be sure you can take this vacation without spending more than you can afford.” Realize that sometimes it's just not the right time. If you avoid pressuring people, they will remember your respect when the right time comes. In the meantime, nurture that relationship with free content offers.

Stay positive. Remember that objections are a natural and beneficial part of attracting tourist to your Ontario tourism region. Transform those objections into opportunities that you can use to get consistent tourist bookings.

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