Psst TOP SECRET: Announcing New 'Flexi-Words'

May 12, 2011 |   2 minute read


Psst TOP SECRET: Announcing New 'Flexi-Words'

For those of you on our database, you may have already heard about Flexi-Words, a brand new service from Tangible Words.
Tangible Words is offering 3 months free marketing (until June 1st, 2011) to customers on the Flexi-Words program.  (But this offer is so good, we can only offer it to those whosign up before June 1st.)
Here's What's Great About 'Flexi-Words' Yearly Marketing Plan:

  • Project Management of your marketing so you never worry whether your marketing reads well or whether it is sent out regularly. One massive-task-less on your giant "to do" list = sweet.
  • Receive Expert Advice and Consultation - set campaign goals, understand the needs of your target audience and better measure the success of every campaign.  So you can keeping talking to your customers, which means they won’t stop talking to you.
  • Besides the freedom of no longer having to think about your marketing, you’ll also save the cost of individual ordering, which means you save over $2600.00.
  • More Choice of Products and Pricing:  only buy what your company needs immediately, or something you’ve been wanting for a long time. Plus, you can pay monthly or quarterly.

And, you'll get more personal attention so you can talk through all of your ideas while Tangible Words helps you analyse them and get them onto paper.

If that's not all, when you order Flexi-Words before June 1st, you can slide your marketing budget on the back of your end-of-financial-year expenses. Save $1400 on the same service right now PLUS get three months free marketing--but remember, this offer can't last forever.