Revise Your Economic Development Website Homepage For Sales

November 24, 2017 |   5 minute read


Revise Your Economic Development Website Homepage For Sales

You’ve done everything right: you’ve created an economic development website homepage. You've even developed a blog and released social media content to an engaged audience who is interested in your product and your brand. But there’s a problem: you’re still not getting enough sales. That’s definitely a problem, but there are fixes. The apparatus you need to increase website traffic and sales is already in place. All you need is to make your website homepage work more effectively. Think of your economic development website homepage like your business storefront. It is critical that readers get what they want quickly when they first visit your economic development web page.

Look at Topsy Farms, a Canadian wool manufacturer who increased online sales by 340% just by revising the content on their homepage!

3 Ways To Get Sales By Revising Your Economic Development Website Homepage

1. Make Your Economic Development Website Homepage Work More Effectively

increase website traffic and salesAn important thing to consider in any written content on your website is What’s In It For Me? (WIIFM). Ask yourself what information a potential investor would want to know. Then ask yourself if your website contains it. If not, that’s an easy place to start. Also make sure your homepage is sticky and the user navigation is easy.

Investors need to know your region’s data before they’ll consider a decision. Make sure your website has a section devoted to these areas of data:

    • Demographics (age, gender, population, education, etc.);
    • Real estate (to help determine the economic health of your region);
    • Construction (because construction jobs bring income back to your region).

It will also be useful to include a note about the reputation of your region. What is it known for? What is the dominant industry? These are all things potential investors and site selectors would like to know. Make sure they love your economic development website homepage so they keep coming back!

2. Develop A Strategic Editorial Calendar To Release Content More Efficiently

Adding content to your blog or website can seem overwhelming, especially when you have other jobs to do or the content seems to be having no effect. Developing a strategic Editorial Calendar can help organize your content to coincide with your website’s busiest viewing periods, as well as help plan what content to release and what impact you hope that content will achieve. Track your posts’ analytics to get a better sense of what’s working and what isn’t.

Best of all, scheduling content can bring peace of mind. Know that your content’s under control, so you can focus on running your business.

3. Consider Outsourcing Your Website Content To Content Creators

Content creators are incredibly useful as a way to help your homepage work more effectively. You could talk about your business for hours and describe exactly what makes it valuable and unique. But, perhaps struggle to express it in the few words a website homepage requires. A content creator can translate your passion and hard work into the right words for attracting your target audience.

When Topsy Farms had their homepage rewritten by Tangible Words, it increased website traffic and sales by 340%, and helped rank their website higher in search engine results (they even got a visit from Prince Charles).

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