How to Attract Investors To Your Economic Development Website

July 19, 2017 |   3 minute read


How to Attract Investors To Your Economic Development Website

Although content is king, the design of your economic development website is also important when trying to attract investors and site selectors to your economic region. Using a content first, then design approach helps you provide quick access to concise information about the economic health of your region. Give site selectors the information they need to complete their due diligence process as they research where to invest.      

Showcase Successes On Your Economic Development Website To Woo Investors

Economic investors want to contribute to productive and vibrant communities or areas with potential for growth. Quick access to information proving a community’s health is important as that can influence a potential investment decision. Investors will be looking for specific details that reflect the success of your economic region; for example, a breakdown of economic sectors, workforce data and available incentive programs in your area.  This is where you use web design to attract site selectors.

Three Ways Your Economic Development Website Can Attract Investors   

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The #1 job of your website is to reassure your target audience (site selectors and potential investors) that your region is the right place for them. You can help the investors’ due diligence process and tell a compelling story about your economic region by focusing your content on economic investors throughout your website. Offer targeted information like:

1. Demographic Data About Your Region

A simple but effective design change that makes key data easily accessible is to offer separate, user-friendly pages created for ‘Employers’ and ‘Businesses & Entrepreneurs.’ Offer demographic and workforce data that investors can use to gauge the makeup of your communities and the health of your labour market. On your new pages you can answer some of your site selectors' most important demographic questions:

  • What are your economic region’s employment, education and income levels?
  • How old is the average age of the workforce?
  • Who lives in the communities — urban professionals, young families or retirees?

2. Real Estate and Construction Data from your region

New home sales or high demand for real estate helps site selectors gauge the success of your economic region since construction jobs direct income back into the community. Revenues generated from the sale of a home go to the home builder and to the realtor, contributing to a thriving local economy. Think about other housing-related questions investors have asked and make that information easily available on your website too.

3. Reputation of Your Region

Investors will want to know what business sectors have seen the most success in your economic region before committing investment capital or moving operations there. Perhaps your region is known for its manufacturing capabilities, information & communication technology (think Silicon Valley) or agri-business assets (Wine Country). A great way to communicate those details is to showcase testimonials and case studies.

Find out what else Investors want to know from your website.

An investor going through the due diligence process expects more from your website than a simple list of benefits. Changing your website’s design so it’s full of key information easily accessible to your target audience can attract site selectors and generate investment leads for your region.
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