Competitive Sales Kit? Copywritten case stories - 2012.

November 30, 2011 |   1 minute read


Competitive Sales Kit? Copywritten case stories - 2012.

Lately, we've been working on "Case Stories" for a lot of clients.

Case stories are like case studies--but without the boring details. Instead, they're a combination of:

  • a description of your ideal client
  • your client testimonials
  • your values and service offerings
  • evidence of your work
  • AND, the most important ingredient: an interesting story readers want to read.
Here's a brief copywritten  case story example from a copywritten website we recently worked on in Melbourne. You can see the model was used to write the headlines.
Add copywritten case stories to your sales appointments so you can help your prospects recognize themselves in your examples. Case stories, along with your 2011 content marketing checklist will make you more confident and more likely to get the contract every time.
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